Polarimetric Parameters of Scattered Radiation in the Magnetized Plasma

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G. Jandieri
A. Ishimaru
J. Pistora
M. Lesnak


Second order statistical moments of scattered electromagnetic waves in the turbulent magnetized plasma slab with electron density fluctuations are calculated applying the modify stochastic smooth perturbation theory and the boundary conditions. The obtained results are valid for arbitrary correlation function of electron density fluctuations. Stokes parameters are analyzed both analytically and numerically. The theory predicts that depolarization effect caused by second Stokes parameter may be important in scintillation effects. Numerical calculations are carried out for new spectral function of electron density fluctuations containing both anisotropic Gaussian and power-law spectral functions using the experimental data. Polarimetric parameters are calculated for different anisotropy factor and inclination angle of elongated small-scale irregularities with respect to the magnetic lines of forces. The relationship between the scintillations and the polarimetric parameters is important.


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Jandieri, G., Ishimaru, A., Pistora, J., & Lesnak, M. (2019). Polarimetric Parameters of Scattered Radiation in the Magnetized Plasma. Advanced Electromagnetics, 8(2), 77–84. https://doi.org/10.7716/aem.v8i2.1150
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