Published: 2018-08-11

Statistical Moments and Scintillation Level of Scattered Electromagnetic Waves in the Magnetized plasma

G. V. Jandieri, A. Ishimaru, B. Rawat, V. Gavrilenko, O. Kharshiladze


SAR Evaluation of Metallic Loop-like Accessory Effect of Broadband Wearable Planar Monopole Textile Antenna

H. H. Zainal, H. A. Rahim, P. J. Soh, H. Lago, K. N. A. Rani, M. S. Zulkefli, Y. S. Lee, N. F. N. Yah


Gain Enhancement of Monopole Antenna using AMC Surface

F. Mouhouche, A. Azrar, M. Dehmas, K. Djafer