Published: 2012-08-25

Surface impedance of BaFe2-xNixAs2 in the radio frequency range

A. Abbassi, M. Saint-Paul, R. Dkiouak, M.-R. Britel, Z.-S. Wang, H. Luo, X. Lu, C. Ren, H.-H. Wen


Dilation of nanonatennas induced by an electromagnetic source

D. Barchiesi, E. Kremer, A. Cherouat, T. Grosges, H. Borouchaki


Design, Manufacturing and characterization of integrated inductors with magnetic layers for DC-DC converter

D. Yaya, D. Allassem, M. Youssouf, A. Siblini, J. P. Chatelon, J. J. Rousseau


Study and analysis of an electric Z-shaped meta-atom

A. Dhouibi, S. N. Burokur, A. de Lustrac, A. Priou


Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys as smart materials for micro-positioning devices

A. Hubert, N. Calchand, Y. Le Gorrec, J.-Y. Gauthier


Surface Plasmon - Guided Mode strong coupling

A. Castanié, D. Felbacq, B. Guizal


Electromagnetic controllable surfaces based on trapped-mode effect

V. Dmitriev, S. Prosvirnin, V. R. Tuz, M. N. Kawakatsu