Published: 2018-09-04

Circularly Polarized Split Ring Resonator Loaded Slot Antenna

A. R. Parvathy, V. G. Ajay, M. Thomaskutty


Miniaturized Wideband Microstrip Antenna for Recent Wireless Applications

S. A. Shandal, Y. S. Mezaal, M. F. Mosleh, M. A. Kadim


A Multiband Slot Antenna loaded with Stubs for WLAN/WiMAX/Satellite TV Applications

I. Khan, T. Ali, G. D. Devanagavi, S. K R, R. C Biradar


Effect of Substrate Scaling on Microstrip Patch Antenna Performance

A. Esmaeilkhah, C. Ghobadi, J. Nourinia, M. Majidzadeh


X-Band GaN High-Power Amplifier Using Hybrid Power Combining Technique for SAR Applications

Y.-J. Lee, C.-Y. Chang, Y.-H. Chou, I-Y. Tarn, J. Y.-C. Yaung, J.-H. Tarng, S.-J. Chung