Temporal Spectrum of a Scattered Electromagnetic Waves in the Conductive Collision Turbulent Magnetized Plasma

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G. Jandieri
A. Ishimaru
B. Rawat
N. Tugushi


Using WKB method the peculiarities of the temporal spectrum of an ordinary and extraordinary electromagnetic wave scattered in a weakly randomly inhomogeneous three-dimensional nonstationary and conductive magnetized plasma are investigated. On the basis of the stochastic differential transport equation for the frequency fluctuation the broadening and the displacement of the temporal spectrum for both waves are obtained for the polar terrestrial ionosphere. These statistical characteristics contains anisotropic parameters: velocity of a plasma stream, conductivities of the ionosphere, elongated electron density irregularities are characterized by the anisotropy factor and inclination angle with respect to the geomagnetic lines of forces. The analysis of the power spectrum of the waves as a function of the propagation distance and the nondimensional frequency parameter containing the carrier frequency and characteristic temporal scale of electron density fluctuations are carried out. Analytical and numerical calculations have shown that the terrestrial conductivity and anisotropy factors exert a substantial influence on evaluation of the temporal spectrum than the inclination angle. It was found that the wave spectrum increases initially as the square root of the propagation distance, but at large distances it approaches a limiting value. Statistical moments of a scattered ordinary and extraordinary waves do not depend on an absorption sign and valid for both absorptive and active media.


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Jandieri, G. ., Ishimaru, A. ., Rawat, B. ., & Tugushi, N. (2022). Temporal Spectrum of a Scattered Electromagnetic Waves in the Conductive Collision Turbulent Magnetized Plasma. Advanced Electromagnetics, 11(1), 1–8. https://doi.org/10.7716/aem.v11i1.1859
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