Published: 2023-04-16

Microstrip Antenna Array Design for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Detection Radar

P. Mendes Ruiz, X. Begaud, F. Magne, E. Leder, A. Khy


Low-Loss Super-Wide Band Antenna over Customized Substrate

S. A. Mohassieb, E. G. Ouf, K. F. A. Hussein, M. A. El-Hassan, A. Farahat


High Isolation Quad-Element SWB-MIMO Antenna with Dual Band-Notch for ISM and WLAN Band Wireless Applications

G. Saxena, U. Gupta, S. Shukla, U. Shukla, S. Bharti, Y. K. Awasthi, C. Sanjay, W. A. M. Saif, H. Singh


Phased array antenna controlled by FPGA-ARM Cortex-M Processor

W. Amara, R. Ghayoula, A. Hammami, A. Smida, I. El Gmati, J. Fattahi


Magnetic Properties and Applications of Glass-coated Ferromagnetic Microwires

V. Zhukova, P. Corte-Leon, A. Allue, K. Gondra, M. Ipatov, J. M. Blanco, J. Olivera, A. Zhukov


Optical Vivaldi Antenna Array for Solar Energy Harvesting

W. Amara, J. Rouabeh, R. Ghayoula, A. Hammami, A. Smida, I. El Gmati, A. Ferchichi