The Prototype of a Wideband Ku-Band Conical Corrugated Horn Antenna with 3-D Printing Technology

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M. E. Carkaci
M. Secmen


This study is about the design and production of a conical corrugated horn antenna used to feed reflector antennas in satellite communication (direct broadcast satellite-DBS) systems. The antenna designed with CST Microwave Studio program operates within wideband of 10.5-18.5 GHz at Ku-band. The prototype is realized with new generation 3D printing technology and conductive paint coating method, which makes the antenna lightweight and provides low cost and faster production. According to measurement results, the antenna has return loss almost better than 20 dB, gain value of minimum 14.5 dBi and sidelobe level of -18 dB at most within 1.76:1 frequency bandwidth. Antenna is observed to have a gain loss of at most 1.5-2 dB within the band as compared to the same antenna with high conductivity metal, which needs higher cost and production time for the manufacturing.


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Carkaci, M., & Secmen, M. (2019). The Prototype of a Wideband Ku-Band Conical Corrugated Horn Antenna with 3-D Printing Technology. Advanced Electromagnetics, 8(2), 39-47.
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