New Compact Microstrip Filters Based on Quasi Fractal Resonator

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Y. S. Mezaal
H. H. Saleh
H. Al-saedi


This paper presents new microstrip devices  as single band bandpass and multi band bandstop filters. The proposed filters use  slotted patch microstrip resonator based on quasi fractal geometry, simulated by AWR12 software package. Both filters have quasi elliptic frequency response, designed at centre frequency of  2.437 GHz for bandpass filter and at band frequencies of  2.434, 4.032, 4.976 and 5.638 GHz GHz respectively, for multi bandstop filter. All filters are employed using RT/Duroid 6010.8 LM substrate of  dielectric constant and 1.27 mm dielectric thickness. Simulation results show that the designed quasi fractal bandpass filter has very narrow fractional bandwidth of 0.38 %  which is very rare in microstrip filter design. On the other hand,  the projected bandstop filter offers multi  narrow rejection bands that is  useful in broadband wireless schemes influencing from fixed interferences. Both filters  present satisfactory S11 and S21 responses besides smallness properties that stand for interesting features of the newest wireless applications. The simulated and measured frequency responses for both designed filters are in good agreement.


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Mezaal, Y. S., Saleh, H. H., & Al-saedi, H. (2018). New Compact Microstrip Filters Based on Quasi Fractal Resonator. Advanced Electromagnetics, 7(4), 93–102.
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