THz Generation using Nonlinear Optics: Mathematical Analysis and Design of THz antennas

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M. Khulbe
M. R. Tripathy
H. Parthasarathy


In this paper, a mathematical model is designed for THz generation from a nonlinear random medium. Using nonlinear optics and Maxwell’s equations a set of nonlinear wave equations are derived to give scattered electromagnetic fields from an inhomogeneous medium. First, the analysis is done with second order nonlinearity. Its scattering parameters are calculated for THz radiation. Secondly, third order nonlinearity is described in terms of the coupling of Scalar and vector field components of nonlinear wave equations. The coupling of waves results in soliton generation. Multiple nonlinear interaction in the medium also gives wide bandwidth. Speed and high bandwidth is a demand of future networks. Hence a mathematical proof is implemented for THz antennas using SHG (Second harmonic generation) and THG (Third harmonic generation) materials. These antennas are designed and simulated using GaAs as a SHG material, and Graphene with SiO2 substrate as a THG material. GaAs is used as a substrate, which radiates at 524.8 GHz giving a high bandwidth of 25 GHz. Similarly, Graphene patch antenna with SiO2 substrate radiates in THz region at 3.5THz giving very high bandwidth of 2.5THz.


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Khulbe, M., Tripathy, M. R., & Parthasarathy, H. (2018). THz Generation using Nonlinear Optics: Mathematical Analysis and Design of THz antennas. Advanced Electromagnetics, 7(1), 79–91.
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