Multiband and Miniaturized dual layer Antenna incorporated with FSS and DGS

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S. Sah
M. R. Tripathy
A. Mittal


A novel dual  layer rectangular printed Antenna based on loop type Frequency selective surfaces with five concentric rings and I shaped defected ground structure (DGS) is designed and investigated. The deigned antenna is tested for application in C band, WiFi devices and some cordless telephones and X band radiolocation, airborne and naval radars as multiband  operational frequencies are at 5.5GHz, 6.81GHz, 9.3GHz and thus covers two wireless communication band C Band (4 to 8GHz ) and  X band (8 to 12 GHz) The bandwidth is 200MHz, 300MHz and 1GHz respectively and measured gain of this designed antenna are 2.42dBi against 5.5GHz, 2.80dBi against 6.81GHz, 6.76dBi against 9.3GHz. The proposed antenna in addition to multiband operation also exhibits minituarization.The Floquet port technique is used to analyse concentric rings. The Results comparison of proposed structure with the basic dual layer antenna resonaing at 5.5GHz  shows the patch area is reduced by 58.15% while the volume of the antenna is reduced by 81.5%. 


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Sah, S., Tripathy, M. R., & Mittal, A. (2018). Multiband and Miniaturized dual layer Antenna incorporated with FSS and DGS. Advanced Electromagnetics, 7(1), 1–6.
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S. Sah, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh



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