Optimum Design of Thin Wideband Multilayer Electromagnetic Shield Using Evolutionary Algorithms

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K. S. Kola
D. Mandal
J. Tewary
V. P. Roy
A. K. Bhattacharjee


This paper describes the method of optimum design of multilayer perforated electromagnetic shield using Evolutionary algorithms, namely Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm (PSO) and Genetic Algorithm (GA). Different parameters which are inherently conflicting in nature corresponds to the multilayer structure of the electromagnetic shields have been considered. The goal is to minimize the overall mass of the shield with respect to its shielding effectiveness and cost. Three different models are considered and synthesized using evolutionary algorithms. Numerical optimal results for each model using different algorithms are presented and compared with each other to establish the effectiveness of the proposed method of designing.


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Kola, K. S., Mandal, D., Tewary, J., Roy, V. P., & Bhattacharjee, A. K. (2017). Optimum Design of Thin Wideband Multilayer Electromagnetic Shield Using Evolutionary Algorithms. Advanced Electromagnetics, 6(2), 59–63. https://doi.org/10.7716/aem.v6i2.471
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D. Mandal, Bengal College of Engineering and Technology, Durgapur

Assistant Professor in the department of Electronics and communication engineering, Bengal College of Engineering and Technology,Durgapur, India


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