Curvilinear vector finite difference approach to the computation of waveguide modes

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A. Fanti
G. Mazzarella
G. Montisci


We describe here a Vector Finite Difference approach to the evaluation of waveguide eigenvalues and modes for rectangular, circular and elliptical waveguides. The FD is applied using a 2D cartesian, polar and elliptical grid in the waveguide section. A suitable Taylor expansion of the vector mode function allows to take exactly into account the boundary condition. To prevent the raising of spurious modes, our FD approximation results in a constrained eigenvalue problem, that we solve using a decomposition method. This approach has been evaluated comparing our results to the analytical modes of rectangular and circula rwaveguide, and to known data for the elliptic case.


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Fanti, A., Mazzarella, G., & Montisci, G. (2012). Curvilinear vector finite difference approach to the computation of waveguide modes. Advanced Electromagnetics, 1(1), 29-37.
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