SH-TM mathematical analogy for the two-layer case. A magnetotellurics application

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J. Carcione
F. Poletto


The same mathematical formalism of the wave equation can be used to describe anelastic and electromagnetic wave propagation. In this work, we obtain the mathematical analogy for the reflection/refraction (transmission) problem of two layers, considering the presence of anisotropy and attenuation -- viscosity in the viscoelastic case and resistivity in the electromagnetic case. The analogy is illustrated for SH (shear-horizontally polarised) and TM (transverse-magnetic) waves. In particular, we illustrate examples related to the magnetotelluric method applied to geothermal systems and consider the effects of anisotropy. The solution is tested with the classical solution for stratified isotropic media.


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Carcione, J., & Poletto, F. (2017). SH-TM mathematical analogy for the two-layer case. A magnetotellurics application. Advanced Electromagnetics, 6(1), 29–35.
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