Modeling and analysis of loaded multilayered magnetoelectroelastic structures composite materials: Applications

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M. Ajdour
A. Bakkali
L. Azrar
A. El Omri


This paper presents the detailed analysis of fiber- reinforced magnetoelectroelastic composite plates. The work is divided into two major sections. The first one deals with the homogenization of the properties of each layer based on the Mori-Tanaka mean field approach where all the needed effective coefficients of each layer are determined. Then, in order to perform analysis of the considered, the Stroh formalism is used to provide solutions for multifunctional multilayered magnetoelectroelastic composites, to predict exactly the mechanical and electrical behaviors near or across the interface of material layers.


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Ajdour, M., Bakkali, A., Azrar, L., & El Omri, A. (2016). Modeling and analysis of loaded multilayered magnetoelectroelastic structures composite materials: Applications. Advanced Electromagnetics, 5(3), 91-97.
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