Performance Improvement of Ultra Wideband Multiple Access Modulation System using a new Optimal Pulse Shape

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V. Goyal
B. S. Dhaliwal


Ultra-wideband (UWB) uses very low energy levels to transfer data at very high data rate and bandwidth. An optimal and correct choice of transmission pulse shape is an important criterion in this technology. In this paper, we will present an approach for the generation of an optimal pulse shape with the optimal generation of pulse shape values that can provide effective results when transmitted using multiple access modulation technique over a multipath channel and received by a RAKE type receiver. The bit error analysis of constructed model is also given using Ideal Rake, selective RAKE, and partial RAKE receiver configurations.


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Goyal, V., & Dhaliwal, B. S. (2017). Performance Improvement of Ultra Wideband Multiple Access Modulation System using a new Optimal Pulse Shape. Advanced Electromagnetics, 6(1), 20–28.
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V. Goyal, GKU, Talwandi Sabo

Electronics and Communication


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