Different Designs of Dual-Focus Perforated Transmitarray Antenna in Near/Far-Field Region

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H. Abd El-Azem Malhat
S. Zainud-Deen
W. Hassan


Designs of the single-focus and multi-focused transmitarray antennas for the near-field (NF) or/and far-field (FF) applications have been introduced. Perforated dielectric single sheet is used for transmitarray design for simple configuration. Single-focus transmitarray for the far-field and the near-field are obtained. The radiation characteristics of 13×13 unit-cells transmitarray in the near-field and the far-field region have been investigated. A single structure multi-focus transmitarray is designed using the chess-board arrangement of the unit-cells elements. Multi-focus transmitarray for FF/FF, FF/NF, and NF/NF have been designed and investigated. The phase distribution and the corresponding holes radii for the first quadrant of the multi-focus transmitarray are presented. The radiation characteristics of different array configuration have been investigated and analyzed using full-wave simulator CST Microwave Studio.


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Malhat, H. A. E.-A., Zainud-Deen, S., & Hassan, W. (2016). Different Designs of Dual-Focus Perforated Transmitarray Antenna in Near/Far-Field Region. Advanced Electromagnetics, 4(3), 25–34. https://doi.org/10.7716/aem.v4i3.326
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