Nano-Dielectric Resonator Antenna Reflectarray/Transmittarray for Terahertz Applications

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H. A. Malhat
N. A. Eltresy
S. H. Zainud-Deen
K. H. Awadalla


Nanoantennas have introduced wide bandwidth for fast data communications. The material properties of good conducting metals introduce plasmonic behavior at Terahertz frequencies. The material property of good conducting metals using Drude Lorentz model has been investigated. The radiation characteristics of nano-dielectric resonator antenna (NDRA) reflectarray at 633 nm have been investigated. A parametric study for the nano DRA unit cell dimensions and material has been introduced. A NDR with silver ground plane have been designed and analyzed. A nano-transmitarray unit-cell has been introduced for the analysis. A comparison between the radiation characteristics of 17×17 and 21×21 NDRA transmitarray has been given. A compromise between the nano-transmitarray size, maximum gain, and operating bandwidth is applied to Terahertz applications. The finite integral technique is used to carry a full wave analysis to design a NDRA reflectarray and a NDRA transmitarray.


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Malhat, H. A., Eltresy, N. A., Zainud-Deen, S. H., & H. Awadalla, K. (2015). Nano-Dielectric Resonator Antenna Reflectarray/Transmittarray for Terahertz Applications. Advanced Electromagnetics, 4(1), 36–44.
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