Time-dependent sources identification for transmission lines problems

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J. Benoit
P. Bonnet
C. Chauvière
S. Girard


This paper is devoted to introduce an extension to the Linear Combination of Configuration Fields (LCCF). This new numerical method was designed to compute the time profile of an electromagnetic source radiating a specified electromagnetic field in all or part of the computational domain, for a specified duration. Here, we extend this idea within the framework of a transmission lines network. The principle of the method is first validated numerically. Then we prospect the same ideas in a real-data experiment which shows that the method is ready for real-life investigations.


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Benoit, J., Bonnet, P., Chauvière, C., & Girard, S. (2015). Time-dependent sources identification for transmission lines problems. Advanced Electromagnetics, 4(2), 9-16. https://doi.org/10.7716/aem.v4i2.280
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