A Generalized case of Electromagnetic Scattering from a finite number of Ferromagnetic cylinders

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T. Kumar
N. Kalyanasundaram
B. K. Lande


A generalized solution of the scattering problem from an array containing a finite number of axially magnetized ferromagnetic cylinders of infinite length placed in free space is presented in this paper. The analysis is carried out by matching the tangential boundary conditions at the surface of each cylinder to find the unknown expansion coefficients of the scattered field. Planar arrays consist of a finite number of ferromagnetic microwires are considered to obtain the numerical results for TMz and TEz polarizations in terms of the variation in scattered field components of the near field and scattering cross section (SCS) with respect to angle of incidence, radius of microwires, spacing among the microwires and operating frequency. For validation purpose, numerical results of the proposed analysis specialized for the case of single microwire and normal incidence for TMz polarization are compared with the results available in the literature for the specialized case and both are found to be matched completely.


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Kumar, T., Kalyanasundaram, N., & Lande, B. K. (2015). A Generalized case of Electromagnetic Scattering from a finite number of Ferromagnetic cylinders. Advanced Electromagnetics, 4(3), 8–16. https://doi.org/10.7716/aem.v4i3.264
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T. Kumar, Jay Pee Institute of Information Technology, Noida(U.P) India

Ph.D. Scholar, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Jay Pee Institute of Information Technology, Noida (U.P) India



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