Computational Finite Element Software Assisted Development of a 3D Inductively Coupled Power Transfer System

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P. Raval
D. Kacprzak
A. Patrick Hu


To date inductively coupled power transfer (ICPT) systems have already found many practical applications including battery charging pads. In fact, current charging platforms tend to largely support only one- or two-dimensional planar movement in load. This paper proposes a new concept of extending the aspect ratios of the operating power transfer volume of ICPT systems to support arbitrary three dimensional load movements with respect to the primary coils. This is done by use of modern finite element method analysis software to propose the primary and secondary magnetic structures of such an ICPT system. Firstly, two primary magnetic structures are proposed based on contrasting modes of operation and different field directions. This includes a single-phase and multi-phase current model. Next, a secondary magnetic structure is customized to be compatible with both primary structures. The resulting system is shown to produce a 3D power transfer volume for battery cell charging applications.


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Raval, P., Kacprzak, D., & Hu, A. P. (2014). Computational Finite Element Software Assisted Development of a 3D Inductively Coupled Power Transfer System. Advanced Electromagnetics, 2(3), 11–18.
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P. Raval, The University of Auckland

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, PhD Student.

D. Kacprzak, The University of Auckland

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Senior Lecturer.

A. Patrick Hu, The University of Auckland

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Associate Professor.


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