Coupling Matrix Designing of a Cross-Coupled ‎Resonator Waveguide Filter Based on a Fast ‎Tuning and Step by Step Optimization ‎Technique

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A. Boudkhil
B. Mansouri
M. Chetioui
M. Damou
A. Lallam
N. Benahmed


This paper presents an efficient hybrid method of filter modeling that combines a fast tuning step to global optimization technique to design a new topology of a 4th order cross-coupled resonator bandpass microwave filter. The method can rapidly extract the coupling matrix from the electromagnetic (EM) simulated scattering parameters (S-parameters) of a rectangular waveguide resonator bandpass filter with losses that will be implemented in a computer-aided tuning tool to develop a high performance microwave bandpass filter design simulated by successively adding a one resonator each time of a set of sequential tuning iterations within the ANSYS-HFSS. This minimizes the time of designing of the microwave filter's structure as well as permits to ‎build a higher waveguide filter's order providing a complex ‎cross-coupling‎. A filter parameters’ manual-coarse adjustment is finally achieved by implementing a step by step optimization tool based on the EM-simulator as a fast process for ideal refinement to the partial circuital response.


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Boudkhil, A., Mansouri, B., Chetioui , M., Damou, M., Lallam, A., & Benahmed, . N. (2022). Coupling Matrix Designing of a Cross-Coupled ‎Resonator Waveguide Filter Based on a Fast ‎Tuning and Step by Step Optimization ‎Technique. Advanced Electromagnetics, 11(2), 37–42.
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