Broadband Spectroscopy of Nanoporous-Gold Promoter

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S. K. Nakatani
Y.-H. Han
T. Takahashi
T. Awano


The efficiency of UV photocatalysis on TiO2 particles was increased by mixing TiO2 particles with nanoporous gold (NPG) with pore diameters of 10–40 nm. This means that NPG acts as a promoter in the photocatalytic reaction of TiO2. Broadband spectroscopic results from millimeter wave to ultra violet of NPG membrane are discussed to estimate plasmonic effect on the catalysis.


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Nakatani, S. K., Han, Y.-H., Takahashi, T., & Awano, T. (2014). Broadband Spectroscopy of Nanoporous-Gold Promoter. Advanced Electromagnetics, 2(3), 5–10.
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Kuwano-Nakatani S., T. Ando, K. Oba and Y.H. Han, to be published.