Broadband impedance spectroscopy of some Li+ and Vo** conducting solid electrolytes

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A. F. Orliukas
O. Bohnke
A. Kežionis
S. Kazlauskas
V. Venckutė
D. Petrulionis
T. Žukauskas
T. Šalkus
A. Dindune
Z. Kanepe
J. Ronis
V. Kunigelis


The solid electrolyte Li3Ti1.5(PO4)3 compound has been synthesized by solid state reaction and studied by X-ray diffraction. At room temperature the compound belongs to rhombohedral symmetry (space group R3 ̅c) with six formula units in the unit cell. Li3Ti1.5(PO4)3, Li3xLa2/3–xTiO3 (where x = 0.12) Li+-ion conducting, Ce0.8Gd0.2O1.9, (ZrO2)92(Y2O3)8 with fast oxygen vacancy transport ceramic samples were investigated in the frequency range from 1 Hz to 3 GHz in the temperature interval (300-700) K by impedance spectroscopy methods. Two dispersion regions in ionic conductivity spectra for investigated ceramic samples have been found. The dispersions have been attributed to relaxation processes in grain boundaries and in grains of the ceramics.


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Orliukas, A., Bohnke, O., Kežionis, A., Kazlauskas, S., Venckutė, V., Petrulionis, D., Žukauskas, T., Šalkus, T., Dindune, A., Kanepe, Z., Ronis, J., & Kunigelis, V. (2012). Broadband impedance spectroscopy of some Li+ and Vo** conducting solid electrolytes. Advanced Electromagnetics, 1(1), 70-75.
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