Comparison of Wavelet Packet and Wavelet in Solving Arbitrary Array of Parallel Wires Integral Equations in Electromagnetics

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M. Bayjja
G. Alsharahi
M. Aghoutane
N. A. Touhami


In this paper, wavelets transformation (WT) and wavelet packet transformation (WPT) are used in solving, by the method of moments, a semicircular array of parallel wires electric field integral equation.  First, the integral equation is solved by applying the direct method of moments via point-matching procedure, results in a linear system with a dense matrix.  Therefore, wavelet transformation and wavelet packet transformation are used to sparsify the impedance matrix, using two categories of wavelets functions, Biorthogonal (bior2.2) and Orthogonal (db4) wavelets.  The far-field scattering patterns and the comparison between wavelets transformation and wavelet packet transformation in term number of zeros in impedance matrix and CPU Time reduction are presented. Numerical results are presented to identify which technique is best suited to solve such scattering electromagnetic problems and compared with published results.


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Bayjja, M., Alsharahi, G., Aghoutane, M., & Touhami, N. A. (2020). Comparison of Wavelet Packet and Wavelet in Solving Arbitrary Array of Parallel Wires Integral Equations in Electromagnetics. Advanced Electromagnetics, 9(3), 8-14.
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