Design of Experiments for Factor Hierarchization in Complex Structure Modelling

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C. Kasmi
M. Hélier
M. Darces
E. Prouff


Modelling the power-grid network is of fundamental interest to analyse the conducted propagation of unintentional and intentional electromagnetic interferences. The propagation is indeed highly influenced by the channel behaviour. In this paper, we investigate the effects of appliances and the position of cables in a low voltage network. First, the power-grid architecture is described. Then, the principle of Experimental Design is recalled. Next, the methodology is applied to power-grid modelling. Finally, we propose an analysis of the statistical moments of the experimental design results. Several outcomes are provided to describe the effects induced by parameter variability on the conducted propagation of spurious compromising emanations.


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Kasmi, C., Hélier, M., Darces, M., & Prouff, E. (2013). Design of Experiments for Factor Hierarchization in Complex Structure Modelling. Advanced Electromagnetics, 2(1), 59–64.
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C. Kasmi, Wireless Security Lab. of the French Network and Information Security Agency UPMC, Univ Paris 6 L2E

Information security expert, Wireless Security Lab. of the French Network and Information Security Agency

Phd Candidate at UPMC, Univ Paris 6, L2E


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