Design and Implementation of Induction Coil for Case Hardening of a Carbon Steel Gear

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H. F. Sabeeh
I. M. Abdlbaqi
S. M. Mahdi


Abstract: This work includes a design of an induction coil as a guide to design an induction furnace as a part of a production line suitable for achieving case hardening of a CK-45 carbon steel gear in a mass production factory. Such a workpiece requires certain hardening profile in that the periphery including the gear teeth must be hardened for certain depth to withstand against corrosion, while the rest volume must be of low hardness in order to overcome mechanical stresses due to the coupled shaft. Induction heating technology adopted for achieving such a complex hardness profile in one workpiece. A numerical simulation intended to design the induction coil, then the induction furnace able to perform this hardening requirement. A three dimensional (3-D) electromagnetic-thermal coupled analysis using Finite Element Method (FEM) is intended to design this coil. This design must determine the required frequency, current, and temperature required for this process at certain required time. These parameters are the guide to build the suitable induction furnace power supply for this task. This work proves the truth that this simulation is quite accurate to implement a pioneer system.


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Sabeeh, H., Abdlbaqi, I., & Mahdi, S. (2020). Design and Implementation of Induction Coil for Case Hardening of a Carbon Steel Gear. Advanced Electromagnetics, 9(3), 47-55.
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