Propagation of ELF Radiation from RS-LC System and Red Sprites in Earth-Ionosphere Waveguide

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M. K. Paras
J. Rai


In this paper, two different mechanisms return stroke-lateral corona (RS-LC) system and red sprites which excite Earth-ionosphere waveguide have been discussed. The electric and magnetic fields from RS-LC system and red spites in the Earth-ionosphere waveguide have been calculated. It has been found that red sprites contribute to the Schumann resonances (SR) greatly as compared to the RS-LC system.


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Paras, M. K., & Rai, J. (2012). Propagation of ELF Radiation from RS-LC System and Red Sprites in Earth-Ionosphere Waveguide. Advanced Electromagnetics, 1(2), 96–102.
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M. K. Paras, Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Department: Physics Rank: (Research Scholar)

J. Rai, IIT Roorkee, India Clemson University, USA

Department: Physics

Rank: Professor


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