Grating-based Dipole Antenna Configuration for High Gain Directional Radiation characteristics

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V. P. Sarin
M. P. Jayakrishnan
C. K. Aanandan
P. Mohanan
K. Vasudevan


The experimental and simulation studies of the radiation performance enhancement of a dipole antenna using metal strip grating are presented in this paper. The subwavelength imaging configuration of the metal strip grating is utilized for enhancing the radiation performance of a dipole antenna working in the S-band. The resultant design shows a gain of 9 dBi and front to back ratio of the design is found to be -23 dB at resonance. The coupling between electric and magnetic resonances provides the necessary impedance matching performance when the antenna is brought in the vicinity of the grating.


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Sarin, V. P., Jayakrishnan, M. P., Aanandan, C. K., Mohanan, P., & Vasudevan, K. (2017). Grating-based Dipole Antenna Configuration for High Gain Directional Radiation characteristics. Advanced Electromagnetics, 6(1), 36–41.
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V. P. Sarin, Gov. College Chittur

Assistant Professor in Electronics

Gov. Coellge Chittur, Palakkad, Kerala, India

M. P. Jayakrishnan, Cochin University of Science and Technology

CREMA Lab, Dept. of Electronics


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