Microwave microscopy applied to EMC problem: Visualisation of electromagnetic field in the vicinity of electronic circuit and effect of nanomaterial coating

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J. Rossignol D. Stuerga G. Bailly A. Harrabi S. Girard S. Lalléchère


This proposal is devoted to a collaborative approach dealing with microwave microscopy experiments. The application is dedicated to an electromagnetic field cartography above circuits and the influence of nanometric material layer deposition on the circuits. The first application is associated to a microstrip ring resonator. The results match with the simulated fields. The second application is focused on the effects of a dielectric layer deposited on the circuit and its impact in terms of electromagnetic propagation.

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Rossignol, J., Stuerga, D., Bailly, G., Harrabi, A., Girard, S., & Lalléchère, S. (2017, May 20). Microwave microscopy applied to EMC problem: Visualisation of electromagnetic field in the vicinity of electronic circuit and effect of nanomaterial coating. Advanced Electromagnetics, 6(2), 33-39. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.7716/aem.v6i2.429

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