Power Summation in an Open Resonator with Aperture Coupling Elements

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Igor K. Kuzmichev
Bogdan I. Muzychishin
Aleksey Y. Popkov
Sergey V. Mizrakhy


The paper considers the powers summation of two sources in a hemispherical open resonator (OR). A scheme with a E- tee waveguide was used. The study was carried out in the four-millimeter wavelength range. In the resonator, the first highest axially-asymmetric ТЕМ10q mode is excited with the help of aperture coupling elements. The coupling elements are pyramidal horns located in the center of a flat mirror, with apertures of 6.9×9.6 mm and length of 85 mm. There are one-dimensional
E- polarized diffraction gratings with periods of 0.2 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.6 mm in the apertures of the coupling elements. It is shown that the maximum power summation coefficient of two sources in an OR using aperture coupling elements, in the apertures of which a one-dimensional diffraction grating with a period of 0.6 mm is located, is 90%. The high excitation efficiency in the resonator of the TEM10q mode with the help of aperture coupling elements ensures the angular selection of the oscillation spectrum of such a resonant system. It has been established that to sum the powers of two sources in the OR, it is advisable to use not the TEM10q mode but TEM20q.


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Kuzmichev, I. K. ., Muzychishin, B. I., Popkov, A. Y., & Mizrakhy, S. V. (2024). Power Summation in an Open Resonator with Aperture Coupling Elements . Advanced Electromagnetics, 13(1), 25–32. https://doi.org/10.7716/aem.v13i1.2088
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